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Payment Terms 

To attain maximum satisfaction of the customers and convenient monetary transactions, we receive payment via various modes such as; Cash Payment, Bank Transfer (T/T), Western Union and MoneyGram.

– 40% T/T Advance payment against Pro-forma invoice and signing of the contract.
– 60% Payment against copy of original shipping documents.

All payments for goods must be made via international wire transfer directly to our bank account, the order will ship after the payment received in our bank account, and to handle any misunderstanding both of sales and customer, please contact us through phone or email after you have made a payment.

We don’t work accept L/C payments anymore we require a commitment deposit of 30 – 40% TT down payment of the order value and the balance against copies of Shipping documents after which the original shipping document will be sent to by freight and you will be responsible for the freight charges for the documents. This is to enable us to carry out the following:

  • Yard to port transportation

  • payment of freight charges Port to port

  • Payment of Insurance fees

  • payment of custom duties

  • Payment of inspection

The above are some of Our reasons why we do not deal completely with L/C and also because, We need or accept a negotiable % depending on the total quantity on the order required against Invoice and signing of contract letter for your order which will be used for shipment processes such as, order processing, packaging, loading, transportation, inspection, container charges, taxes etc and balance % LC at sight.

Reasons being that, our office has a lot many LC’s that are worthless, even from prime banks such as Bank of America and HSBC. Those who want to purchase with the only LC are generally doing it as a back to back LC, and as such, the monetary amount itself usually creates a discrepancy. It is impossible to avoid the discrepant document scenario which is usually notified on day 13 of a 14 day LC due to either margin differences or payment terms not mirrored to the originating LC, and there is no way for us to know beforehand if the LC is originating or back to back.

If a shipment arrives and is unloaded before discrepancy is notified by the paying bank then we are out of the cost of the material plus shipping and logistics, therefore NO Letters of Credit are accepted without a deposit. This deposit ensures that the first load is paid for. These are mandatory policies from the BOD, which must be respected.

We advice all our first-time buyers to always start with a trial shipment of one or two containers in other to confirm our quality and services and can then increase the quantity
as time goes on.

If you are willing to work according to the above terms, then contact us by email to place your order

Proof of payment:

Email us with the scan proof of the payment or Swift Transfer Copy of Payment, so we can release your order immediately to shipped. You are responsible for all bank transfer fees. we will ship your order once your payment is received.​

Visit our Company / Factory:

We are pleased extremely and proud that you come to visit our factory. As part of the partnership business in the long term. Please let us know your schedules in advance to prepare your coming after proved our products. then confirm your order and deposit at least 30% of them. When you got our products and pay by cash all. you get a discount more 3% of agreed. our discount depending on the volume of customer orders.​

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