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Food Grade 94% Sodium Tripolyphosphate

DM STPP 107 (E451(i)) is the sodium salt of the polyphosphate penta-anion. It is white powder. Its' melting point is 622°C.It is easily soluble in water.


  • Better water solubility.
  • White free-flowing crystalline powder.
  • DM STPP 107 has salient chelating capacity to ions of Ca, Mg etc.
  • DM STPP 107 is a surfactant which has outstanding emulsification for lubricants and fat.
  • DM STPP 107 has different bulk density, i e. low density 0.35-0.5g/cm3, medium density 0.51-0.65g/cm3 and high density 0.66-0.9g/cm3.
  • DM STPP 107 has two kinds of crystalline forms, namely Phase I (of high temperature) and Phase II (of low temperature). The chemical characters of the two types are the same, and the difference between them lies in the thermo stability.

Product Parameters



Characteristics Unit Standard Request Test Method
Main content % (w/w) 95Min GB25566-2010
Water Insoluble matter % (w/w) 0.05 Max GB25566-2010
Arsenic (As) ppm 3 Max GB25566-2010
P2O5 % (w/w) 56 Min GB25566-2010
Heavy Metal (as Pb) ppm 10 Max GB25566-2010
pH value (1% aqueous solution)   9.5-10.0 GB25566-2010
Granularity (on 1.00mm sieve)                           % 5.0 Max GB25566-2010
SO4 % (w/w) 0.4Max GB25566-2010
Whiteness % (w/w) 85Min GB25566-2010

¹¹) Delivery specification: The product is monitored on a regular basis to ensure that it adheres to the specified values.
²) Technical data: The technical data are used solely to describe the product and are not subject to regular monitoring.

Food Grade 94% Sodium Tripolyphosphate

  • Sodium tripolyphosphate(Na5P3O10) is a strong cleaning ingredient that typically can rid dishes and fabrics of soil and spots. Its
    key function is that it allows surfactants to work at their full potential. Also, it prevents deposition of soil and acts as a pH
    buffer. It softens detergent water and can be used as a water treatment, as well. Many household cleaning products, including
    surface and toilet cleaners, contain STPP due to its cleaning component. Most chemical plants that make STPP list “detergents” as
    the primary area of use for this chemical.